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Our Mission:

We believe that each child is an individual with strengths and needs.

We provide solutions that work for children and their families.

Our Vision:

All people are fully expressed and heard as a gift to their own life

and as a possibility in their community.


Our Philosophy

Every child is fundamentally unique. By using what we learn about who that child is, how they learn, and what they love, we can help accomplish their communication goals while modeling techniques for parents and caregivers to continue using at home. Children expand their imaginative, social, language, and intellectual skills through play, exploration, nature experiences, and story-telling. By working with parents along with the child, our therapists are able to give families tools to increase communication outside of the office. This accelerates the process of overcoming speech difficulties while building parent knowledge of how they can impact their child's communication and development.

We hope this website answers your questions regarding the care we provide. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.


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What's New?

Welcome, Nicole!
We are excited to announce another addition to the Speech Center family! Nicole Allen, MS, CCC-SLP is an excellent speech pathologist who has spent the past few years working in school districts in Tucson. Look at our "about us" page for a profile on Nicole soon. 

Even with our recent addition, we are committed to growth. Speech Center will bring on another excellent SLP soon. SLPs, please call us! 

We are now interviewing to hire excellent CCC-SLPs for a part-time to full-time position. Our commitment is providing result producing, compassionate therapy, empowering parents and family, and providing excellent clinical evaluations. Please contact our office manager, Olivia, to set up a phone conversation and interview with Diane Hansen. Send your resume via fax or email.

Speech Center of Southern Arizona is a private practice in Tucson celebrating 23 years of care.  We are a group of experienced professionals who value a holistic approach to treating children with speech articulation, language, social cognition, voice, PVCM, and feeding/swallowing disorders. We also treat adolescents with articulation and voice disorders. We treat children, as well as our SLPs as unique and valuable individuals. Colleagueship and education in a beautiful environment build relationships of respect, support, and fun. This is a job opportunity for flexible hours and professional growth.

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