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We accept cash (with exact change), checks and major credit cards. Extended payment plans are available as approved by our billing consultants. Co-pays are required at time of visit.

Speech Center is in network for the companies listed below and will bill them for you. It is your responsibility to review your insurance contract and to know the amount of your deductible, your co-pays and/or your co-insurance payments for seeing a specialist. It is also your responsibility to verify if your insurance policy covers speech therapy for the relevant diagnosis. Please ask your Primary Care Physician to fax their referral to us at (520) 829-7743 so we can optimize coverage of service.

To avoid a fee, canceled appointments require 24 hour notice.

*PLEASE NOTE:  Your insurance may not cover the speech therapy services you require due to your contract with your insurance company. Charges for speech therapy will be applied to your deductible even if speech therapy is covered by your plan. To avoid accruing charges, please contact your insurance company before your first appointment to make sure the services needed are covered. Your plan may cover "speech therapy" but this is not a guarantee of coverage for your specific diagnosis code. If your insurance does not cover speech therapy for your diagnosis and treatments, you will be responsible for accrued charges. It is your responsibility to determine your coverage, deductible and co-pay.

We contract with the following insurance companies:

AHCCCS- one plan only: Banner University Family Care

Blue Cross/Blue Shield - All plans- Requires Primary Dr. prescription

Health Net - (not community care HMO) -No authorization required for evaluation

TriCare- Health Net Federal Military & Veterans - Prime & Standard require authorization

United Health Care (No market place plans)-Requires primary care Dr. prescription

United Medical Resources (UMR)

*We advise all our patients to review their insurance coverage and consult with their insurance company regarding authorizations and coverage of various speech and language services.  Please ask your Primary Care Physician to fax their referral to us at (520) 829-7743.  

To avoid a fee, please cancel appointments with 24 hour notice. Our billing consultant can be reached at (520) 400-9265  for questions or assistance.

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