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We are hiring SLPs! Please send resumes to office@speechcenteraz.com



  • Speech and Language Evaluations - Evaluations are approximately 60 minutes long and include parents in the room and/or observing from our one-way window as desired. One on one conversation with parents prior to starting may occur. Report of observations, impressions, scores, and plan of care will be provided to you, your referring physician, and other health care specialists as needed. If you are unsure if your child needs a Speech Evaluation please do not hesitate to call and speak to Diane Hansen.

Individual Speech, Language, Voice Therapy - Sessions are 45 minutes and include parent observation and Home Care suggestions and activities.  

  • Prevention and Early Intervention - We strongly support seeking help early when it comes to any suspected childhood communication, feeding or swallowing concerns. If your child is overly frustrated while attempting to make wants and needs known, they may need help. No age is too early! Early intervention works! If you are unsure if your child needs care, look at this link for Indicators, or visit our "Early Interventionand "Does my child need speech therapy?," links below
  • Other Disorders We TreatVocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD) or Paradoxical Vocal Cord Motion (PVCM) is a condition in which the vocal cords close together or constrict during inhalation resulting in inspiratory stridor, asthma-like symptoms, habit cough or vocal ticks.  We effectively treat many young people with Vocal Cord Nodules, chronic hoarse voice, and force and strain habits. Cleft palate dysfunctions such as velo-pharyngeal disorders and hyper-nasal voice require specific speech therapy techniques and coordination with specialists such as ENT Other reasons to seek speech therapy may include difficulty with just one speech sound such as "R" or lisp for "S" and "Z."  Therapy for awareness and movement of speech muscles and work with a mirror is often required. Since children on the Autism Spectrum struggle primarily with language development, we are often the first to identify the need for further evaluation.
  • Home Care Programs - Parent involvement in the therapy process is enriching, fun, expedites results, and improves family communication. It is important that goals established in the office are reinforced at home.
  • Family Communication Coaching - As experienced therapists, we are passionate about educating and helping parents during each visit. We provide a wide variety of demonstrations, take-home materials, articles, and book titles. 
  • Pragmatic Language Groups -  These specialized groups led by our therapists provide a unique experience for children needing social skills and/or social cognition therapy.  We create pragmatic groups once we have a group of children of similar skills and ages that will work well together. Contact our office if this is something you are interested in! One on one pragmatic speech therapy is another very effective way to improve social skills. 

Spanish/English Bilingual Speech and Language Evaluations and Therapy - For bilingual children, it is important to be treated by a SLP who understands and has experienced practicing in both languages whenever possible. We currently do not have a bilingual SLP. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to find an excellent one soon! 


We provide therapy for these conditions:

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Asperger’s Syndrome

Childhood Apraxia of Speech 

Chronic Cough

Cleft lip/palate



Feeding and Swallowing difficulties

Fluency disorders

Hoarse voice

Late talker/Late walker


Language disorders

Language delay

Language disorder secondary to Traumatic Brain Injury

Paradoxical Vocal Cord Motion

Pragmatic language

Social language difficulties      

Speech Delay

Speech and language delays due to hearing loss

Speech Articulation disorders such as trouble with “R”  


Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Voice Disorders

Vocal Cord Nodules

Vocal hypernasality



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Early Intervention

Does my child need Speech Therapy?

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