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Why is early intervention so important?

Put simply, early intervention works. The result is prevention of chronic communication disorders. Strength in speech, language, voice, and social cognition early in life lines your child up for success. Children master weak areas early lessening frustration for both child and parent. The sooner an issue is addressed the sooner your child will experience being heard and understood.  In other words, your child will know they are good at sharing their thoughts, who they are, what they want, and what they don't want. Children who feel they cannot communicate well often become angry and frustrated. Identify and take care of speech, language, or other issues to optimize social, emotional, and intellectual development! 

We focus on getting questions answered early so parents can focus on their ideal vision for their family life!  

Getting an Evaluation 

A professional evaluation and diagnosis (if needed) can open doors to school support and accommodation, better insurance coverage, and a better understanding of how to support your child.


Getting a Hearing Test 

Normal hearing is required for optimal speech and language development!  Even if you don't suspect hearing loss, it can be subtle and can impact your child's speech development. Children are at risk of hearing loss in their first few years due to chronic upper respiratory infections (colds, allergies) and ear infections. Your child requires a hearing test BEFORE your first appointment with a speech language pathologist. Hearing loss will prevent us from getting accurate results. Bring a copy of your audiogram!


Early Intervention

Does my child need Speech Therapy?

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